What is Folio Preparation?


is a unique 30 week, Government funded, portfolio Preparation course, that provides both an opportunity to build art & design skills and a pathway for students seeking entry into university courses in Design and related Visual Arts areas. 
From its inception in 1989, NCAT FOLIO PREPARATION has been helping launch many artists & designers careers. Widely respected in the creative industries and in Art & Design education, the staff at NCAT FOLIO PREPARATION are an experienced & dedicated team of artists and designers. 
The course operates out of the NORTHERN COLLEGE OF THE ARTS & TECHNOLOGY in Melbourne’s inner northeast. Facilities include two labs of 20 Apple imacs, a full class set of Apple ipads, a fully equipped, purpose built drawing studio, Visual Arts studio, photographic lighting studio, design studios, student lounge and onsite cafe.
NCAT FOLIO PREPARATION offers mature age & post VCE/VCAL Senior students a cost effective opportunity to put together a comprehensive portfolio for entry into folio based University & TAFE courses. Art & Design courses generally require pre-selection kits, a portfolio and an interview for entry. 
The NCAT Folio Preparation course offers an alternative to ATAR-Score based University entry. Strong links have been forged between the course and a number of Tertiary courses. These links include direct entry arrangements, scholarships, second year entry and alternatives to ATAR prerequisites for students who receive a distinction grade average in our course.
NCAT Folio Preparation is not a private provider and therefore does not charge tuition fees. All students are expected to maintain a full kit of art/design equipment purchasable at the beginning of the year. 
The NCAT Folio Preparation course is designed to:
  • Improve students’ practical and conceptual skills, and provide them with a substantial body of practical work for Tertiary interview and entrance. 
  • Provide detailed careers research and counselling to enable students to make informed choices regarding the multitude of art & design courses and careers on offer. 
  • Provide students with a tailor-made program that suits their individual needs & requirements.
  • Build student’s confidence and creative maturity
  • Introduce students to the Adobe suite of computer programs including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign & Flash and build their creative computer skills to a proficient level 
  • Cater for a range of skills and interests, from beginners to advanced students. 
  • Enable mature aged students seeking a career change to build their practical & conceptual skills and to create a folio
  • Enable students to trial a wide range of skills and techniques in either art or design discipline
  • Introduce students to new media 
                    Students are enrolled in:
                    - CUV40311 Certificate IV in Design
                    - CUV40111 Certificate IV in Visual Arts
                    - VCAL Senior Extension - Folio Enhancement
                    To switch on & inspire Art or Design students to the creative possibilities that are out there.
                    DUAL QUALIFICATIONS
                    - CUV40311 Certificate IV in Design
                    - CUV40111 Certificate IV in Visual Arts

                    - VCAL Senior Extension - Folio Enhancement
                    Successful completion of VCE or VCAL Senior or equivalent. 
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                    NORTHERN COLLEGE OF THE ARTS & TECHNOLOGY is located next door to NORTHLAND SHOPPING CENTRE, a public transport hub with buses connecting to the rail network. Find transport options here: Northland Shopping Centre: Getting There
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